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The Company


Twin Mountain Collections was a vision formed by our Master Craftsman. We stand behind the quality of our work and guarantee your satisfaction. Every piece is handcrafted in Mirror Lake, New Hampshire, with the same care and attention given to every product. Every uniquely different piece is made from pine, handpicked cuts of real wood.  No assembly lines, no veneers, no cut corners. We work hard to satisfy our customers and are open to any suggestions that you may have to help us serve you better. With most of our wood products we offer Custom Sizes and Colors.  Our current collection of gifts for the home includes: accessories, organizers, room accents and delightful collectibles and our one of a kind Hair Caddy's. We offer perfect solutions for every room in your home from key racks, coat racks, spice racks, bathroom organizers, salt and pepper sets with napkin-holders, mail holders, sewing cabinets, small shelves, curios and much more.

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